Tintumon is an imaginary character created and developed by Malayalees around the world and is living in Simple Text Messages (SMS). Now he is a Hero in the world of Malayalam Jokes and SMS's. Enjoy Tintumon Jokes and SMS's here.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Tintumon goes to library and asks a book "Psycho-the-Rapist"
Librarian search a while and shouted........
.........Rascal,... the book is called "PSYCHOTHERAPIST".

Grandfather Dead

Tintumon calls newspaper to print death of his grandpa.
Clerk : Rs 50 per word.
Tintumon  : Grandpa dead.
Clerk : Sorry minimum 5 words.
Tintumon : Grandpa dead, wheelchair for sale.

Blood Donation

Tintumon donated blood to a pregnant woman...
After delivery tintumon went to husband and said "Congrats ..Nannayi nokkane, ente choryaa...."

Love Letter and Reply

To ,
Baby Tintu Mol,

Me love you. My dream I see you. Everywhere you. You know, I no live without you. I come red shirt 2morrow. You love I, you come red frock. I wait down mango tree. You no come, I jump train. Sure come...

Yours lovely,
Titntu Mon

Reply...by Baby Tintu Mol.

Darling, your letter Dady see. Dady beat me, beat me, so many beat me. I cry, I cry. So no come to mango tree. No jump train. Me love you too. See you another day. I no red frock. Only green.

Tintumon Kulathil

Kulathil veena Tintumone aaro rakshichu.
Ayalodu Tintumon : Edo..., Thanano enne rakshichadhu...?
Ayal : Adhe.
Tintumon : Engil parayado koppe, ente oru cherippevide?...!!!