Tintumon is an imaginary character created and developed by Malayalees around the world and is living in Simple Text Messages (SMS). Now he is a Hero in the world of Malayalam Jokes and SMS's. Enjoy Tintumon Jokes and SMS's here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Ring

On a romantic day Tintumon's Girlfriend asks him :
"Darling on our wedding day will you give me a ring??"
Tintumon : "Ya, sure, From Land line or Mobile Phone ??"

Pencil in Horlicks Bottle

Tintumon puts his pencil into a Horlicks bottle..

.To make the pencil taller, stronger and sharper.......He is so intelligent..

Sign Board

Tintumon was asked to write a sign board for the traffic near the school.
He Wrote : "Drive carefully! Don't kill the students, wait for the teachers"

Driving School

Tintumon driving padikkan poyi.
Driving seatil irikkunna Tintumonodu gearil pidichukondu aashan : First engottaa..??
Tintumon : First mamante veettil pokam!!!


Teacher to Tintumon : So, Tintumon, tell me, what can you do, that other people can't?
Tintumon : Ahh... well, I can read my own handwriting!