Tintumon is an imaginary character created and developed by Malayalees around the world and is living in Simple Text Messages (SMS). Now he is a Hero in the world of Malayalam Jokes and SMS's. Enjoy Tintumon Jokes and SMS's here.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

PTA Meeting

TintuMon: Dad, there is a small PTA meeting at school tomorrow...
Dad: What do u mean by a small PTA meeting?
TintuMon: its...just u, me & the Principal!

Thermodynamic Law Of Romance.

Tintumonte "Thermodynamic Law Of Romance" :
"Luv can neither be created nor be destroyed. It can only be changed from one girlfriend to another with considerable loss of money".

TintuMon Bussil

Conductor : Nee enthina eppozhum doorinte aduthu nilkkunnathu?
                  Ninte achan watchman ano?
TintuMon :  Ningalenthina eppozhum chillara chodikkunnathu?
                  Ningalude achan pichakkaranano?

Fashion T.V

Dad watching F.TV. Suddenly Tintumone came, then
Dad: "Pavappetta kuttikala, dress vangan polum kashilla".
TintuMon: " Ithilum pavappettavar varumbol vilikkane!".


Nepolean Said,
"the word IMPOSSIBLE is not found in my dictionary".
Hearing this, Tintumon Said,
"Athonnum ippol paranjittu karyamilla... ellam vangikkumbol tanne nokkanam".

Love Letter

 4 ur know. U say U love Biju, so I no like Biju. I kick Biju on back. He kick me, I vibrating. Nurse kuth soochi. I take all vedana 4 U. So U love me. If U no love me, I write kavitha. Not poem kavitha, ur class last bench Kavitha.

Ur fatefull,
Titntu Mon

Baby Tintu Mol