Tintumon is an imaginary character created and developed by Malayalees around the world and is living in Simple Text Messages (SMS). Now he is a Hero in the world of Malayalam Jokes and SMS's. Enjoy Tintumon Jokes and SMS's here.

About Tintumon

Tintumon is an imaginary character created and developed by Malayalees around the world. This character was created and spread like a viral phenomenon through text messages in mobile phones. Later, the popularity increased to such an extend that leading book makers also published books on Tinutmon jokes.

Tintumon takes life as it comes. He is quick-witted, mostly inventive, and normally can't stop himself from commenting on everyday issues. Tintumon is now regarded as the specimen of malayali life. His social status and age is differs across stories. The humour in his character largely comes from his original and often rational comments to ways of the world, his total disregard for others when solving them, his liberal thoughts, all with a pinch of sarcasm. Some compare Tintumon jokes to Sardarji jokes. However, while the Sardarji jokes usually portray a Sardar's foolishness, the Tintumon jokes are examples of Tintumon's intelligence and down to earth attitude.

Although Tintumon jokes were prevalant before, it reached its peak during the year 2009. One of the earliest reference to Tintumon in mainstream media was in the 2002 movie Kalyanaraman. In a particular scene in the movie, the character Ponjikkara played by Innocent claims he was Tintumon in his previous birth. According to Ponjikkara in his previous birth he was Tintumon and died due to diabetes when he was studying in L.K.G at Little flower convent girls high school, Nadathara. Titumon is an opensource character. Mimicry artists have been using the character of Tintumon in various shows throughout these years.

Tintumon achievied his iconic status only after he made his foray in to the sms world. Tintumon spread from mobile to mobile like a rage. The exact moment of the birth of this character is still unknown. We have been reading Tintumon jokes almost everyday in our mobile.