Tintumon is an imaginary character created and developed by Malayalees around the world and is living in Simple Text Messages (SMS). Now he is a Hero in the world of Malayalam Jokes and SMS's. Enjoy Tintumon Jokes and SMS's here.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ente Hridhayam Ambalam Alla

Tintumon to a Girl : I love you.
Girl : Ente Kaalil cherippundu..
Tintumon : "Ente hridhayam AMBALAM alla... kayari ponnolu...!!
Tintumon aaaaaaara mon !!!

English Grammer Class

Tintumon : I am sleep with dad last night.
Teacher corrects him : No..no..I slept with dad last night.
Tintumon : So.. you came after I slept..?

Teacharude Maravi

Tintumon : Amme... teacherkku bhayankara maraviya...
Amma : Athentha...?
Tintumon : Teacher boardil Mahabharatham ennu ezuthi thirinju ninnu chodikkuva Mahabharatham ezuthiayathu aranennu.!!

Child Marriage

Teacher : Whom do you hate most?
Tintumon : Raja Ram Mohan Roy.
Teacher : Oh God! Y do you hate him?
Tintumon : He abolished Child Marriage!!!!!!!!


Teacher : "If you add 3452 and 3096, then divide the answer by 4 and multiply by 6, what would you get?"
Tintumon : "A wrong answer."